Atmosphere Box Furnace Shipped to the Steel and Mining Industry

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated, rod over-bend atmosphere box furnace to the steel and mining industry. This is the second heat treating furnace of this kind that the customer has ordered from Lindberg/MPH. It is designed to meet the customer’s specific process based on the previous existing model they had ordered.

The atmosphere box furnace has work chamber dimensions of 15”W x 30”D x 12” H and a maximum temperature rating of 2000°F. Constructed with a gas tight steel shell made from continuous welded steel plate reinforced with structural steel members, the furnace door lifts up to provide access to the work chamber and is sealed by metal to metal contact to eliminate gasket wear and maintenance. A natural gas flame curtain is provided for the door area and is activated when the front door is opened to ignite exiting combustible atmosphere and minimize air infiltration back into the purge chamber.

“At Lindberg/MPH we pride ourselves on having the experience to design our equipment to meet the most stringent requirements. This customer’s process required the furnace to provide six different gas atmospheres. This is the second system we have shipped to them with this advanced atmosphere system.”– Kelley Shreve, Sales Representative

Lindberg/MPH atmosphere box furnaces feature:

  • Maximum gross load capacity is 465 lbs. at 2000°F
  • Six (6) different gas atmospheres including: nitrogen, hydrogen, endothermic, argon, CO and CO2
  • 460 volts, 3 phase, 3-wire, 60 Hertz
  • Door limit switch
  • HC900 Advanced Furnace Control System
  • Honeywell UDC 2500 Series Excess Temperature Controller
  • Electrical solenoid valves
  • Electronic flow control valves and moisture transducer
  • Immersion water heater

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