At Heat Treat Today, we know how important your privacy is to you. Whether you are a current client, a returning visitor or just visiting our web site for the first time, we are committed to protecting the information you provide.
Per European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no cookie tracking leading to personally identifiable information is kept before your permission. Heat Treat Today will not attempt to identify users based on collected information. The only cookie being used is limited to Google Analytics with IP address turned off. Default cookie functions are as follows:
  • Tracking use of website from page to page
  • Identifying platform as mobile/non-mobile in order to determine how to display content on phones
  • Browser detection.
  • Detecting repeat visitors
  • Detecting geographic data: City, Region, Country of Origin
  • Language setting
  • Campaign tracking visitors from online sources like e-newsletters and online ads.
NOTE: Even these limited defaults can be eliminated if you use stealth mode or turn off cookies in your browser or use privacy browsing. These Google Analytics cookies are maintained for a period of 24 months and the aggregate data in Analytics (all non-personal information) is maintained indefinitely, in order to track website performance.
Survey & Form Data Privacy
Visitors have the opportunity to provide information to us through online surveys and forms.  By submitting your contact information, you are providing Heat Treat Today consent to communicate with you by mail, e-mail, and/or phone and to store your information electronically.
Depending on your request, we share this the information you provide on forms with appropriate individuals located in our marketing and sales, service, engineering, executive department departments and/or with outside sales or service representatives seen here. Also, individuals with passwords at our marketing agency and programmers may access your contact information as part of tabulations, eliminating spam submissions, making certain the programming is working.
Edit Contact Information
Visitors from the EU may edit their contact information per the EU’s new GDPR regulations by emailing  with a subject line of “EDIT CONTACT” Note: If you have a prior transactional relationship with Heat Treat Today we may not be required to change any/all previous instances of the information.
Also, assuming you do not have a prior transactional relationship with the company, visitors from the EU may contact Heat Treat Today per the GDPR regulation to remove their own stored marketing contact information using their previously submitted business email address. Please use the following address,  with a subject line of “REMOVE CONTACT” .
The contact information you provide does not get deleted after some time period as of current company policy, since it used for historical research (per GDPR) and contains mostly business to business information and it is often from either customers or future customers (in request for quotations) which sometimes takes years to complete as a sale in large capital goods projects.