Aerospace Heat Treating

Aerospace heat treating includes the processing of materials such as titanium, aluminum, and high-alloy steels as well as composites, ceramics, carbon/carbon, and other high-strength, lightweight materials. Many aerospace heat treat processes take place in a vacuum due to the need to protect the metal alloys from damaging oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen. If not in vacuum, processes are typically carried out under highly protective atmosphere gases. Heat treating processes including annealing, degassing, brazing, nitriding, normalizing, and stress relieving to name a few. Below is a collection of aerospace related news and technical articles.


Aerospace Heat Treating

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Source: Observer Today Dunkirk Specialty Steel LLC, a leading U.S. manufacturer of semi-finished and finished specialty steel products, unveiled several

  Source: NASA   High-performance applications demand components free from flaws. Bearings, gears, and other steel components manufactured with contaminated

A thermal process modeling company used its heat treatment simulation software to explore oil quench sensitivities on the distortion of

A Cleveland, Ohio, company with metallurgy capabilities that manufactures arc welding products and systems and provides alloy brazing and soldering

The largest subcontract heat treater of aluminum alloys in the UK, accredited to process components to Prime specifications, turned to

A manufacturer of power systems for aviation and other industries recently announced that it has extended its Long-Term Purchase Agreement

  Source: Aerospace Manufacturing & Design   A Wisconsin-based additive manufacturing company recently came out with metal filaments encased in

A New Hampshire-based manufacturer of sophisticated aluminum investment castings for predominantly aerospace applications recently expanded its capabilities with two electric

A technology-based manufacturer of aerospace and defense parts and systems recently expanded its capability to develop and produce metal alloy

A commercial heat treat company which is approved to heat treat certain flight critical and flight safety configurations for prime

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A leading aerospace engine and components company based in Mobile, Alabama recently partnered with a global heat treat specialist to

The first ever Nadcap accreditation for Aero Structure Assembly has been awarded to an aerospace company based in Wichita, Kansas.

The space industry is growing fast and is predicted to be worth over a trillion dollars by 2040. Keith Ferguson,

  Source:   Sourcing activity by users of a leading online platform is up in the category of Aerospace Heat