Heat Treat Today Contributor to Present Webinar on Induction Heating Challenges

Heat Treat Today Technical Tuesday contributor, Dr. Valery Rudnev, FASM, IFHTSE Fellow, “Professor Induction”, and Director of Science and Technology at Inductoheat, Inc, is the featured speaker of an ASM International Materials Solutions webinar titled “Simple Solutions for Common Induction Heating Challenges: Lessons Learned”.

Dr. Rudnev will present this webinar on Thursday, January 24, 2019, 2 pm, and address:

  • Induction hardening of powertrain transmission and engine components
  • Failure analysis
  • How to avoid cracking in induction hardening
  • Subtleties of heating parts with holes, fillets, and other geometrical irregularities
  • Re-hardening (re-austenitization) of previously hardened parts
  • Novel inverters that allow instant and independent adjustment of both frequency and power
  • Selected challenges when applying induction tempering
  • Reducing process sensitivity and improving robustness and flexibility of induction systems.

Note: Attendees will earn a professional development hour for attending the webinar.

This webinar is sponsored by Inductoheat, Inc. For more information and to register, click here.

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