High-Performance Metals Developed for DMLS Processing


Source: ETMM Online


A nickel-based heat resistant alloy that is very strong, corrosion resistant, and can be used at temperatures between -422°F and 1300°F has recently been released by a German specialist in custom prototypes and low-volume production parts.

Inconel 718 and Maraging Steel 1.2709 will expand Protolabs’ list of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) materials that make up a wide range of metals available for rapid prototyping and the manufacture of functional end-use parts with complex geometries.

The high-temperature strength of Inconel 718 is derived from its ability to create a thick, stable passivating oxide layer at high temperatures, protecting the material from further attack. Inconel, which has good tensile, fatigue, creep and rupture strength, is thus ideal for the aerospace and heavy industries–particularly, in the production of jet engines, rocket engine components, gas turbine parts, instrumentation parts, power and process parts and related equipment that are exposed to extreme environments.


Photo credit/caption: Protolabs/Inconel 718 is a superalloy used in the development of turbojet engines for aircraft, among a variety of other applications.

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