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Doug Glenn, publisher of Heat Treat Today and host of Heat Treat Radio, recently interviewed Nathan Wright of C3 Data, a company based in Indianapolis,

Doug Glenn, publisher of Heat Treat Today and host of Heat Treat Radio, recently interviewed Greg Odenthal of ITC Coatings, a company based in Fort

Heat Treat Radio: Laser Heat Treating at Laser Hard

Heat Treat Radio’s Doug Glenn recently visited with two families who have been at their manufacturing game for multiple generations.

Heat Treat Radio’s Doug Glenn tours Euclid Heat Treating Company with owner John Vanas and discusses a nano-technology parts washing solution.

Heat Treat Radio: Tom Morrison on Why Manufacturers Should Send Their Entire Heat Treat Team to FNA 2018

      Metal Treating Institute CEO, Tom Morrison, talks with Heat Treat Today’s Doug Glenn about 2018’s largest heat treat

Heat Treat Radio: Karen Stanton and HTA’s “Coming to America” Story

What would the Australian Ministry of Defense have to do with heat treating in Southern California? Karen Stanton, Director–Corporate &

Heat Treat Radio: Former Bodycote CEO Re-Enters Heat Treat Market

John Hubbard, longtime CEO of Bodycote who retired in 2009, has recently re-enter the market with an aggressive capital investment

Heat Treat Radio: Peter Hushek on Reducing TUS Failures

An Interview with Peter Hushek about Virtual Visual Surveys a new 3D software that will help minimize temperature uniformity survey

Heat Treat Radio: Shaymus Hudson – Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

Listen to Shaymus Hudson of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discuss interesting new developments at MIT as well as his

    by Doug Glenn, Publisher of Heat Treat Today One of the great privileges of being the publisher of

Holland, NY:  One of North America’s leading high-temperature radiant tube manufacturers, INEX Incorporated, recently completed a three-phase building expansion nearly

Why has it proven so difficult for other philanthropists to follow Hank Rowan’s lead? In the early ’90s, Hank Rowan