Powdered Metal Manufacturer Expands in PA

Jude Pfingstler, President of Atlas Pressed Metals

Construction is underway at a powdered metal and sintered parts manufacturing plant in Dubois, Pennsylvania, which will more than double the facility’s square footage and is intended to adapt to growth with the installation of new equipment, such as larger tonnage presses.

Atlas Pressed Metals, which manufactures complex and simple structural iron, sinter-hardened steel, stainless, copper, brass, and bronze components utilizing the pressed metal (also known as sintered metal and powdered metal) process, partners with heat treatment providers in supplying powdered metal components for the automotive, transportation, industrial equipment, and electric motors markets.

“New equipment for the addition will enable Atlas to grow our capacity in multi-level and higher tonnage equipment,” said Jude Pfingstler, president of Atlas Pressed Metals.


Construction begins for Atlas Pressed Metals in Dubois, PA