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Heat Treat Today recently unveiled its Heat Treat Consultants page in the October 2018 print edition (available in digital format here) and at FNA in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer this comprehensive listing of heat treat industry consultants as part of our efforts to help minimize the effects of heat treat “brain drain.” With so many heat treat brains growing older, the expertise that once used to reside inside of manufacturing operations is dwindling. Where, then, do manufacturers with in-house heat treat departments go when they need heat treat answers?

Turn to Heat Treat Today and our comprehensive list of heat treat industry consultants, which we will introduce to you one by one in this occasional feature, “Meet the Consultants”. There is no more comprehensive list of heat treat consultants. Learn more about Thomas Wingens of Wingens International Industry Consultancy, and then click through to the page to read more details about each consultant. We are adding more regularly. Contact them directly, or call us and we’ll introduce you to them. Whether it’s a technical process question, a safety concern, a compliance issue, or a business related question, one of our heat treat consultants will be able to help. If you are a consultant and would like to be listed, please contact Doug Glenn

Name: Thomas Wingens
Company Name: Wingens International Industry Consultancy
Location: Sewickley, Pennsylvania, USA
Years In Industry: 30+
Consulting Specialties:

  • Technical Advising
  • Business Development
  • Market Entry & Marketing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leadership & Sales Training

Send an email | Website | Phone:  (724) 732-3338


Thomas Wingens, founder and president of Wingens International Industry Consultancy, boasts over thirty years of experience in the heat treat industry, more than fifteen of which are in strategic and executive positions. Having his MBA as well as having served as a heat treater and metallurgist, Wingens holds a unique combination of academic knowledge and industry skills. He has also executed research projects with dominant companies in the industry such as ThyssenKrupp Germany and Volvo Corporate Research Sweden. He is a renown industry speaker, having presented on over forty heat treat related topics and participated in over one hundred heat treat conferences, as well as holding memberships to many key industry organizations. Thomas is passionate about helping his clients accomplish their foremost goals and continuously improve their performance.

Publications or Significant Accomplishments:

  1. Coauthor of “Construction and function of a novel large chamber vacuum furnace for hardening heavy molds and dies” (2005).
  2. Coauthor of “The use of a new type of large vacuum batch furnace for the heat treatment of molds and dies” (2006).
  3. Founding Shareholder and Managing Director, Seco/Warwick (2011).
  4. Founded Wingens International Industry Consultancy (2011).
  5. Head of Global Business Development, Tenova (2012-2015).
  6. Author of “Maximizing Quenching in Vacuum Heat Treating,” (2016).
  7. Contributing Panelist, “Cutting Edge Trends: A Consultants Panel Looks at the Future,”  ITPS/IFCS (2018).
  8. Board member of the Heat Treat Society.
  9. Committee member of the Association for Iron and Steel Technology.
  10. Participated as a speaker, presenter at over 40 industry-related conferences worldwide, participating in over 100.
  11. Member of ASM International; American Welding Society; German Engineering Association; German Steel Institute; German Heat Treat Society; and the German Chamber of Commerce.

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