Heat Treat Radio: Heat Treat Megatrends with Gary Doyon

Doug Glenn, the publisher of Heat Treat Today and host of Heat Treat Radio, recently discussed international heat treating megatrends with his guest, Gary Doyon, the CEO of Inductotherm Group, based in Rancocas, New Jersey. Inductotherm Group develops and manufactures advanced technologies, products, and systems for the heat-driven transformation of metals and specialty materials, providing localized manufacturing, engineering, service, and support in every region of the world through 40 full-service companies providing 50 individual product lines organized into 10 global brands.

Thermprocess 2019, the largest heat treating trade show in the world, is just around the corner (as of the original airing of this Heat Treat Radio episode) and there is no better way to prepare for that event than to spend some time talking to someone in the heat treat industry who has a uniquely global perspective. Listen in to this discussion between Doug and Gary on such topics as:

Global Growth:

“Geographically, I think the above average is going to be seen in the next 5 – 10 years in North America for sure, Asia—India especially, and Brazil if it can get its political identity issues under its belt.  Not above average are Europe, Middle East, and Africa.”


“Technically, powder metallurgy and 3D printing probably have the largest potential impact on thermal processors from a disruption standpoint.  The composition of the steels and metals used in 3D or powders affect the heat treating practices because what’s good for part making may not be good for heat treating.”

Climate Change Legislation: 

“Legislation on climate change . . . may have an impact on the thermal processors, especially the gas-fired or the flame-type systems people.  Despite the science that they’ve put in for minimizing any sort of output from those kinds of processes, perception is reality on furnaces.”

Smart Factories:

“I think people should measure twice and cut once, and you should really think hard about what your goals are before you lay out that smart factory.” 

Trade with China:

“China is a huge trading partner for us today, but I think it’s going to be a much more equitable one in the future, once we get over this short-term tension [with] them.”

Economic Growth:

“You grow economy by paying people more money, and then they can use that money to buy what they want, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

In addition, Doug asks Gary talk about a broad range of heat-treat related topics, including design change, electric vehicles, recycling materials, Brexit, immigration’s impact on U.S. manufacturing, a younger workforce, USMCA, and cybersecurity.

Doug Glenn, Publisher, Heat Treat Today

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