Oilfield Supplier Increases Heat Treatment Capacity

A major manufacturer and supplier of oilfield logistics services recently invested in a heat treating line to facilitate processing of oilfield related equipment at its new site in Dubai, UAE.

Premier/BeaverMatic, a heat treatment manufacturer based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, provided an extensive furnace line for heating tools, parts, and components, and for providing repair and inspection services and hard metal applications for oil, gas, energy, and process industries.

The installed atmospheric heat treating system consists of an internal quench furnace including SER heating system, quench oil cooling and centrifugal separation systems, transfer system, and front load table; temper furnace; drying oven; spray and dunk washer; and endothermic gas generator.

The complete system is capable of processing 30″W X 48″L X 26″H workloads which weigh up to 1,500 lbs.