French, Russian Framework Agreement to Re-Engine Fire-Fighting Aircraft

A French tier 1 aerospace and defense supplier recently signed a framework agreement with a Russian aircraft engine manufacturer to re-engine a groundbreaking, multi-role fire-fighting aircraft, with mission capabilities including maritime surveillance, wildfire-fighting, passenger transport and humanitarian relief.

Safran Aircraft Engines of France and UEC Saturn of Russia signed the agreement concerning a re-engined version of the Beriev Be-200 fire-fighting aircraft using the SaM146 engine. The SaM146 turbofan engine was developed and is produced by the two aero-engine manufacturers through their 50/50 joint company, PowerJet.

The Beriev Be-200 is the first aircraft of this type to be fitted with two jet engines located over the wings to reduce the risks of water projection.

“We are delighted to contribute to this project, clearly reflecting our ongoing commitment to bolstering collaboration with the Russian aviation industry, a collaboration that started some twenty years ago,” said Olivier Andriès, CEO of Safran Aircraft Engines. “Safran Aircraft Engines produces the SaM146 core, and this engine symbolizes the full value of our industrial partnership, one that we are very pleased to further develop with this new agreement on the Beriev Be-200.”

“This partnership is a new opportunity to develop our synergies with Safran Aircraft Engines,” said Alexander Artyukhov, Director General of UEC. “Along with our French partner, we have defined a very clear roadmap, allowing us to start the development of a new version of the SaM146 that will meet the requirements of the Beriev-200.”

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